An invitation from your Territorial Leaders 

As the new territorial leaders for the Canada and Bermuda territory we offer a word of appreciation to all who were able to take time and make themselves available to connect with us as we toured the territory over these weeks since our arrival in the territory on October 1st.  It has been good to re-connect with so many across 15 different cities in various gatherings.  As we assume leadership responsibilities which are ours by appointment of the General we are carefully listening to the stories and the Spirit to understand what God is doing across this great territory and what he is positioning his Army to be and do for his mission.  Thank you for helping us hear.

We take this opportunity to extend to you an invitation to further assist us in our listening journey by participating in this short survey.  The questions will help us gain insight.  Accepting this invitation will  require thoughtful and prayerful consideration as you offer five, 1 word answers to the first five questions (with an option for further comment) and a single sentence response to the last question.  We understand that there is probably much more you would like to offer, but we have confirmed that with the busyness of this season and the desire to engage as many as possible we are looking to hear the themes that are arising from across the territory.  In the days to follow we will be able to more deeply explore the themes which arise following the compilation of survey results together with the notes gathered from various conversations and gatherings over these last two months. 

We are grateful for you, and the opportunity God has provided for us to serve as “partners in the Gospel’ (Philippians 1:3-5) for this next chapter of The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda. Thank you for taking the time to consider these questions and share with us your heart and mind.

God Bless.


Floyd & Tracey Tidd, Commissioners
Territorial Leaders, Canada and Bermuda